Tasteful Inventions: Inventors' Day

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Inventors' Day

If you happen to "land" at this blog, please note, I'm preparing for Inventor's Day 2008 and will continue to post assorted food inventions I find tasteful and inspiring. Below is a list of inventions and inventors who have contributed not only to the world we dine at, but also to society as a whole. After you're done here, please visit my other blog; Months of Edible Celebrations, a lyrical approach to things we eat...

Tasteful Inventions Page II
Gabriel Fahrenheit
Luther Haws
Water Fountain
Thomas Jefferson
Consumer Devices
Jean Etienne Bore
Granulated Sugar
Benjamin Franklin
Franklin Stove
Count Rumford
Rumford Fireplace
Percy L. Spencer
Microwave Oven
Leo Hendrik Baekeland
Roy Plunkett
Marc Gregoire
Calvin MacCracken
Hot Dog Roller
Ermal Cleon Fraze
Pop Top Can
Ezra J. Warner
Can Opener
William Lyman
Modern Can Opener
John White
Lemon Squeezer
Moses Coates
Apple Parer
Sybilla Masters
Corn Mill
Allene Rosalind Jeanes
Xanthan Gum
French Chef
Otto Frederick Rohwedder
Bread Slicer
Crompton & Co.
Electric Toaster
Willis Johnson
Egg Beater
Rufus Eastman
Electric Mixer
Peter Durand
Tin Can
William Painter
Crown Cap Opener
William Lyman
Modern Can Opener
Henry W. Bradley
Charles Strite
Bread Toaster
Carl G. Sontheimer
Cuisinart Food Processor
Ivar Jepson
Meatball Maker, Mixmaster
Nathaniel Wyeth
Plastic Soda Bottle
Sir James Dewar
Dewar Flask
US Army
The Spork
Everett H. Bickley
Bean Sorter
Louis Pasteur
Nicolas Appert-
Food Preservation
Henry Perky & William Ford
Shredded Wheat Machine
Sylvester Graham
Graham Flour & Graham Cracker
Dr. Bircher-Benner
Muesli Cereal
Paul Wenner
Ephraim Wales Bull
Concord Grape
Josephine Cochran
Dish-Washing Machine
Stanley Mason
Ordinary, Everyday Products
Beulah Louise Henry
Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer
Ernest A. Hamwi
Ice Cream Cone
Clarence Birdseye
Frozen Foods
Mary Engle Pennington
Home Refrigeration Pioneer
Gary Thomas
TV Dinner
Rose Totino
Frozen Pizza Crust
Jeno F. Paulucci
Jeno's Frozen Pizza
William A. Mitchell
Cool Whip
Mickey Rooney
"Weenie Whirl"
Peter Franklin
Cool Dog
George Crum
Potato Chip
Amedeo Obici
Planter's Peanuts
Marshmallow Fluff
Archibald Query
Elmer Doolin
Corn Chips
Charles Roser
Fig Newton
Abigail M. Fleck
Makin' Bacon
Orla E. Watson
Telescoping Shopping Cart